The Theta Fit Program

Through the years, Tom has created his own form of personal healing through functional movement, body alignment, yoga and intuitive energy healing

How I Can Help

• Address muscle pain
• Athletic performance improvement
• Overcome fatigue and / or stress
• Relax body and mind
• Release physical pain, for example, in joints like hip, neck, shoulder, knee, upper back, lower back, etc.
• The motivation and the energy to be more active

My Clients’ Results

• Better body function
• Better movement and mobility
• Improve posture
• Increased injury prevention
• Increased motivation
• Increased strength
• Less pain
• More energy
• More pleasing body shape

My Goals for You

Together, we will address your pain and aim for you to reach these goals.

• Learn how your body works
• Understand why your body is causing you pain
• Prevent repeated future pain by applying what you learn
• Consider how healing the mind can help to heal the body

Your Assessment and Personal Program

After a personal assessment I build each client a program dedicated to meet their specific needs. Each program includes a combination of the following.
• Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) to relax and release your muscles and fascia
• Body alignment work to improve posture, prevent injuries and increase mobility
• Personal training exercises help you to maintain a healing body and prevent future pain
• Yoga to improve your posture, release pain, and address imbalances in your emotional body.

Integrating Mind, Body and Spirit

Pain impedes movement and creates a tight, compressed body. A body stressed like this can lead to further complications — not only to the body but the mind as well. I chose the name Theta Fit because the theta brainwave frequency relates to an intuitive, positive and clear state of mind where you can achieve the reality you set out for yourself. In our work together, we set out to remove discomfort and experience freedom, in whatever way it manifests itself.

Unique Combination of Therapies

Your program will combine Fascial Stretch Therapy, Yoga, Personal Training and Body Alignment approaches. Each client’s program will differ, as each client is unique.

About Tom

I am a fitness and wellness therapist who provides services to treat pain and heal mind, body and spirit. I employ a unique combination of Fascial Stretch Therapy, Yoga, Body Alignment and Personal Training. I am also a Meditation Coach and incorporate Intuitive Energy Healing into my work. I provide a mobile service for at-home treatment sessions.

Tom Besic, founder of Theta Fit

What Clients Say

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Client - 2017 to Present

Training with Tom has had a big impact in my life. He genuinely cares about his clients and wants to offer programs that help to meet their goals and needs. He offers a great degree of flexibility with scheduling and is encouraging and fun to work with. He changes the workouts as you go along to make sure you're getting the best results and answers any questions you have throughout the process. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with Tom and feel that I have more confidence, strength, and Agility to help me in all areas of my life. I would highly recommend him!

Marko R

Marko R

Client - 2017 to Present

I have been using Tom's services for about a year and have made a lot of progress. I have suffered from a number of ailments, varying in degree, combining to form a very broken self and body image. While i still have work to go, i would now consider Tom a friend who authentically lives his truth and works diligently hard to put me back on track of success. He educates while he works through compassion and a refreshing no "B.S." policy. I have used his services both for training and therapy and highly recommend him.



Client - 2000 to Present

Tom has transformed my body, my health and my life. After an unfortunate ailment I was looking for a physical trainer‎ to find balance again and was blessed to find Tom! Working in a holistic way by integrating diet, training and energy work he helped me enhance my diet, get progressively stronger and more functional, and training without pain or injury at almost 40 years old. His functional training applies the principles of periodization, including foundation, hypertrophy, muscular endurance, strength training and flexibility throughout.

Today I find myself in the best shape I've EVER been having transformed my body like I never thought possible but more importantly in the best health of my life.

Anyone looking to better themselves on any level should definitely meet with Tom.

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